GNSS Consortium Annual Program

The GNSS Consortium is a cost-effective way for any geospatial user to understand better the rapidly growing GNSS technology and how it can best be applied in daily operations to create operational efficiencies, enhance regulatory compliance, and improve the quality of field-collected data.

Facilitate sharing of information related to the use of GNSS technology

Technology Development and Integration

Technology Evaluation and Performance Testing

Workshops and Training Courses

Pilot Projects and Demonstrations

Best Practices and General Information Sharing

Leica gametec
Leica Zeno GG04plus
Emlid Reach RS2
Leica AR10 Reference Antenna

Who are we?

The GTI Smart Utilities Research Program Leverages Information Technology tools to help gas utilities effectively manage and improve day-to-day operations.


GNSS Testing and Development

Our solution-based focus allows operators to collect the right information in real-time and with a high level of accuracy. GTI is developing and patenting cutting-edge technologies, to reduce the burden on the field personnel and minimize the risk of incidents. Our GNSS Performance Receiver Evaluation Program (GPREP) includes extensive accuracy and performance evaluation of a variety of GNSS technologies.

Variety of activities

GNSS Consortium includes in-person and online training, pilots and demonstrations, workshops, conferences, and much more. We always try to provide the best value to our clients.


Enhance Your Enterprise Decision Making

  • Proper Risk Analysis
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • AR/VR/MR Technologies
  • LiDAR and Remote Sensing
  • GIS and Geospatial Technologies

GNSS Consortium Annual Program

Are you ready to take your Enterprize to the next level? Sign Up for the GNSS Consortium program and be part of the largest industry community and research database. Do your own analysis and explore the extensive Knowledge Base. Educate yourself and your personnel on the latest technology enhancements and find the right tools that will suit your needs and budget.


GNSS Consortium is an excellent resource for anyone who deals with geospatial data collection. Users can explore our large Knowledge Base with testing and training materials, get educated on the latest technologies, and make informed business decisions. We perform extensive testing on GNSS equipment and related technologies and provide unbiased opinions for their accuracy and performance. We host many activities such as pilots, conferences, and webinars in the program and forums where users can interact with the community, ask questions, and share their success stories. 

Simeon Kateliev

Sr. GNSS Specialist and Principal Investigator for GNSS Consortium